Monday 3 January 2011

New Year’s Advice from the Armchair CIO

Bringing in 2011 I have high hopes for the IT industry. I've put together ten New Year's resolutions that I hope can help IT folks everywhere.

#10Don't give up. You may be being outsourced. You may realize there is no career in IT. But if you can disconnect yourself from the insanity, you might be able to appreciate the comedy and enjoy the show.
#9Do what you love. You might love tech, but be disillusioned by the industry. Make time for yourself to keep your love of tech alive. Try something new. Read a new book, or learn a new technology, or write that killer app, and enjoy the joy of tech.
#8Work to rule. Why do the work of others for no credit? Training your replacement, or documenting everything you do so you can be replaced, just isn't worth it. No one will read those documents, and your trainee will forget everything after 15 minutes. Push back a little. Let other people do the jobs they're supposed to.
#7Relax. Unless you work for yourself or a small company, it probably won't make a difference how hard you try. If it can't be done in 40 hours, it likely can't be done by killing yourself doing a 60 or 80 hour work week.
#6Don't cast your pearls before swine. A Christian parable that means don't offer your valuable talents, information, or opinions to those that just won't appreciate it.
#5Celebrate your moments. If you or your team has done something good, even if small in scope, go out and pat yourself on the back.
#4Blow your own horn. Few people will blow your horn for you. Make sure people around you know what you've done (without being a braggart.)
#3Don't be a hero. In general ordinary folks don't like heroes because the hero makes the ordinary folks look bad. When everyone is super - no one will be.
#2Don't suffer fools lightly. Put silly people in their rightful place. Call a spade a spade.
#1Treat yourself. It is important to geek out every now and then. Buy that 4G jelly drive, or that USB Fishquarium, because they're cheap and just so freaking cool.

I won't even bother reflecting on 2010. It was that bad.

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