Friday 3 July 2015

Transferring Domains

Sorry, I've been offline for a few weeks.

Recently I transferred a domain from Network Solutions to GoDaddy... there were some hick-ups. First Network Solutions didn't want to let me go (and give me my transfer confirmation key) without a big upsell.  Any information on the web that you can do this without talking to someone is wrong. Second, the registrant contact info was so old on Network Solutions that it didn't appear to come from any current record I had there and so the email address notifications were going to didn't exist anymore.  That got solved when I updated the information in GoDaddy after transfer (and getting some warning messages on other contact accounts.)  Finally, DNS is not automatically transferred, so I lost my zone file.  I had to detach the DNS from Network Solutions manually and create the zone file on GoDaddy (and hope I didn't forget any of the Google special auth URIs.)

Hopefully now it is all better.

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